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Our App needs the final approval from Google and Apple to help save thousands of lives from around the World

FREE Coronavirus COVID-19 Contact Tracing App to help stop your mobile’s contacts from spreading the virus with %100 Privacy and no GPS tracking.

WE DO NOT COLLECT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION FROM YOU.  We do not collect your first and last name, address, email, mobile number, or GPS tracking. In short, you have %100 privacy and we do not have any information about you to give to the Government or to a third party. Because we do not have it.

We are in a race with the virus and the only way to win this race is to find a vaccine, which we do not have. The only thing we can do now to stop it, is, testing and tracking.


China succeeded in stopping Corona Virus COVID-19 and having fewer deaths because they recruited an army of hundreds of thousands of people (volunteers) and ordered them to contact tracing everyone with thousands of people checking every person’s temperature and so on. In short, they succeed because they did comprehensive tracing.

Our government cannot do the same because.

Our government is playing catch up with the virus and having a hard time testing and treating the infected people.

They do not have enough testing kits or equipment.

They need to employ an army of millions of people to do contact tracing and it will cost billions of dollars to do it.

When someone gets the virus he will be out of breath and gasping for air and hardly can speak his first name. He is coughing, has a fever, difficulty breathing and pneumonia in both lungs. How could anyone ask him whom he contacted and when? He will not be able to answer any queries.

Other contacts tracing Apps available in the market have issues with privacy. Yet, you can use our App (Corona Virus COVID-19 Tracer) with confidence that you have 100% privacy.

The good thing about our new app is it does not require a smartphone with Bluetooth (70% of the people around the world do not have a smartphone and only %50 or the people that has smartphone use Bluetooth, and only %11 of such people installed the tracer with Bluetooth, also the Bluetooth app does not detect the asymptomatic person (people already infected and spreading the virus but has no symptoms) and also many people contracted the virus did not report it to their App for privacy reasons or discrimination of afraid they may lose their job, etc.,  that is why the App with Bluetooth was not successful for slowing the rate of infection of COVID-19),

In our app, we eliminated all the above problems, it does not need a smartphone with Bluetooth and it does not require the other person to install the App to make it work. This will make it available for everyone around the world especially the poor people who can not afford a smart mobile to use it and slow the rate of infection.

Using our App will help you succeed in contact tracing to stop the spread of the virus as you succeeded in practicing social distancing. You will also help the world to wipe out the virus from our world and SAVE AND FREE YOURSELF AGAIN.

Ask yourself, can our government do the social distancing and force you to stay at home?,

The answer is NO, ONLY YOU CAN DO IT.

Ask yourself again can our government do the contact tracing?

The answer is NO ONLY YOU CAN DO IT.



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